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Legally Speaking: Craziest things overheard during the Jodi Arias jury selection

If things go as planned, the next jury in the State v. Jodi Arias trial will be empaneled Thursday.

Some may be happy and some may be distressed and all will be changed forever. If you are reading this, then chances are you followed the first trial, to some extent, and want to see the end. You want to see whether Arias will live or whether she will get the good-night needle.

The court went through 400 potential jurors and as you would expect, there were plenty of comments made that were insightful, laughable, emotional and unbelievable. Here is just a sampling of the crazy things I overheard in the courtroom:

• “Not to be pejorative, but why are you carrying the Book of Mormon around?” (Juan Martinez to potential juror who walked into the courtroom with it in his hand.)

• “Have you heard any testimony in this case?” (This was a trick question Kirk Nurmi asked a potential juror. The correct answer was no, since no evidence had been presented in this trial as of yet. The juror answered it correctly. This, by far, was my favorite question and yes, it tricked me!)

• “I barely know how to use the Internet.” (Stated by potential juror in her 30s; surprising for someone her age.)

• “You have this awesome responsibility while you are seated there, life or death.” (Kirk Nurmi to a potential juror; a huge understatement.)

• “I trust the judge.” (A comment by a potential juror that many trial watchers would disagree with.)

• “I don’t think that shows a lot of remorse.” (Comment made by a potential juror referring to Arias’ PowerPoint presentation.)

• “The starting point is life and do you work up to death.” (Kirk Nurmi asking a potential male juror about his starting point in regards to life or death.)

• “Not just cruel but ESPECIALLLLLY CRUEL.” (Juan Martinez explaining the aggravating factor to potential jurors using a loud and drawn-out tone.)

• “Does anyone here not understand English?” (A question asked by Judge Sherry Stephens to the potential jurors. Would they know to say no?)

• “I haven’t been able to sleep the last three nights knowing I might be called for this trial.” (Stated by a distressed potential female juror. She was excused for cause.)

• “I can’t live with giving someone the death penalty for the rest of my life.” (A potential juror on why they cannot give the death penalty.)

• “I didn’t watch any coverage and I know nothing about it.” (Stated by a potential juror, who must have lived under a rock.)

• “The only appropriate verdict is death.” (Firmly stated by a potential juror and likely agreed to by many for this case.)

• “The death penalty is there for a reason.” (Another firm statement by a potential juror. Many could argue it’s there for Arias.)

At this point, the only additional statements we will hear from the jurors will be in the form of written questions during the trial or statements made after the verdict.

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