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Arizona execution will happen, inmate loses attempt to know what drugs will be used

Joseph Rudolph Wood just ran out of luck. He is scheduled to be executed Wednesday. But should he be? Should Arizona and other states be allowed to keep a secret from all of us? Well, according to the Supreme Court of the United States, yes.

Wood was claiming he was entitled to know detailed information about the drug that will be used to kill him. Did he really want to know? I doubt it, it was likely a stall tactic. Whatever his reasons were, Arizona refused to give him the information. Because of this, the issue of “drug secrecy” and Arizona’s death penalty drug made its very short trip to the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States).

Just last week a federal appeals court ruled that Wood “raised serious questions” about whether he should have access to lethal injection drug information and executioner qualifications. Arizona maintained he does not have a First Amendment right to the information and it is not alone in its thinking. Arizona is among several states that refuse to disclose detailed information about the death penalty drug.

Two interesting things to think about here; first, one of the judges stated the guillotine is probably the best form of execution and the firing squad is the most promising.

Wow, how do you really feel Judge Kozinski?

Second, why is Arizona so set on keeping the secret? Isn’t the government supposed to be transparent? Apparently the Supreme Court believes it’s OK to keep the secret because it ruled, very quickly mind you, in Arizona’s favor.

This particular case may be resolved, but it won’t be the last one dealing with “drug secrecy” which means that more taxpayer money will be spent on the issue.

So, I ask again, is the death penalty worth it?

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