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Will a recorded Jodi Arias courtroom lessen interest? Hardly

Finally! Judge Sherry Stephens issued her ruling regarding whether she will allow cameras in the courtroom for the retrial of the penalty phase in State v. Jodi Arias.

The judge surprised me and IS ALLOWING cameras to record the trial. Yes, I said “record” the trial. You see, she ordered that, although cameras are allowed in the courtroom, nothing can be AIRED until AFTER the jury returns a verdict.

This decision will serve dual purposes. The first being that it will help protect Arias’ right to a fair trial with a fair and impartial jury. The ruling also serves the second purpose of giving the public what they want. In other words, she split the baby.

Before this decision was released Judge Stephens had three options: Continue her stance of no cameras allowed in the courtroom, allow cameras and allow the trial to be aired in real time allow cameras but restrict the airing of the trial until after the verdict comes in. She obviously chose the third option.

Will this decision quench the public’s thirst for details of the retrial? I doubt it. Too many people were and are too invested in this trial to let it just go away. I predict that not as many people will actually watch the trial after the fact but I bet they all set their DVRs and fast-forward through it to the “good parts.”

Do not worry though. I will continue to give you daily updates on the trial right here on, Mac & Gaydos and on my show, The Agenda.

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