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Alicia’s Deal: Munch on cheap chicken in your new flats


Happy Monday! I found $10 for just about all of us, a FREE way to learn a language and lots more! Please check out some of my favorite deals to start your week and I hope you’ll like Alicia’s Deals on Facebook, follow me on Twitter and join the Alicia’s Deals e-mail list!


Here’s a class-action lawsuit most of us will probably qualify to be part of. Head over here to file a claim if you bought at least one Red Bull from Jan. 1, 2002 to Oct. 3, 2014. You can choose to have a check for $10 mailed to you or approximately $15 of free Red Bull products. They are basically settling that they made claims in their advertising that were not medically or scientifically supported. Head over here for all of the legal language.


Tory Burch flats don’t go on sale very often, but you can head over here to get 25 percent off. You’ll pay $168.75 shipped instead of $225.


Click here to get them in black!


If you’re hungry and you feel like Burger King chicken, you’re in luck! Since the Cardinals scored over 20 points Sunday, on Monday we can stop by Burger King to get an original chicken sandwich for $1.20! At least we get something even though they lost!


For a limited time, you can stop into your participating Burger King for $1.49 10-piece nuggets.


This has to be one of the most exciting deals I’ve found (and THANK YOU to my sister, Ariana, and father, Bill, for letting me know about it on our road trip this weekend). Head over here to check out Duolingo. It’s a great (FREE) website and app that teaches Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese,and other languages in an easy format. Click here to see the excellent review from “PC Magazine.” This has been shown to be more effective than Rosetta Stone and you won’t pay a cent. My 7-year-old daughter loves the app and has learned quite a bit of Spanish — truly amazing!


This is something I’ve always wanted to do! Head over here to get a ticket to the London Bus Company’s two-hour holiday light tour for $25 (a $50 value). You can also get two tickets for $47 (usually $100) or four tickets for $99 (usually $200). Use promo code ALICIA15 on your purchase of $75 or more to get an extra $15 off! Hot cocoa and lots of fun are on the menu. We try to find a new holiday thing to do around town every year and this will most likely be ours.

Enjoy the deals and come back to on Wednesday for some great fall break deals, including discounted Disneyland tickets!