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Inexpensive gift ideas for everyone on your list

Christmas season can be a big budget buster. From travel costs to holiday parties, it can be costly. That doesn’t mean you need to skip out on gifting great presents to those you love. With some creativity, you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Here are a few tips to make it happen:

For the sports fan:

If you have a sports lover in the family, look out for special fanfare items at low prices. Think T-shirts, flags, or game tickets. Couple them with a gift card to a sports bar or restaurant that roots for your team and make it a complete package experience.

For the book lover:

If you can’t splurge on a fancy book e-reader but want to give that someone the high-tech reading experience, look for computer software that works on any device, like your phone or laptop. Many software out there can allow you to read books without having to buy an e-book reader. If that someone already has an e-book reader, e-books are pretty inexpensive. Find out their favorite genres and give them credits for them to buy the book they want. E-book covers make nice gifts too.

For the outdoor adventurer:

Passes to an outdoor park are awesome gifts. Make a package that includes admission passes, a pass for rental equipment, a gift card to a nearby burger joint and directions to get there. Look out for outdoor gear specials to get good deals on clothing and equipment. If you gift a gift card, couple it with some coupons they can use to maximize their savings.

For the beauty queen:

Whether it’s a girl that feels like a superstar, that teen that wants to look great 24/7 or the mom looking to feel young and pampered, putting together beauty gift packages do not have to cost a lot. Grab a gift bag and add all sort of to-go size make up, lotions, and beauty tools. If your budget allows for more, add a gift card good for a massage or a spa day. Or simply offer that special woman a “free day” to relax, away from chores. She’ll appreciate it.

For the health and wellness guru:

If personal training sessions or a set of yoga classes are too expensive for your holiday budget, just get one! A lot of gyms will let you purchase one session for a class or time with a trainer that can give your loved one the added push to begin the New Year motivated to get healthy. A gift card to the smoothie bar will make them feel rewarded. How about a subscription to a fitness magazine? It’s an easy way to gift workout ideas and healthy tips.

Give the gift of financial peace:

Saving money isn’t only rewarding to your finances, it also gives peace of mind. Making sound money decisions is hard, but by helping the loved ones in your families get started, you may have done enough. Financial planning books can help guide those you love. Budget tools, online sites and mobile apps can be great resources.

Make this holiday season one everyone on your list will remember. One gift that’s always free is loving memories.