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This Labor Day weekend, why not try staying home?

We normally jump at the opportunity to get away on holidays.

That’s especially true for those of us who look to escape the Valley heat and head to cooler weather. But how about just staying home? It can save you money, travel headaches and it could be a great family time.

Here are a few fun things to do over Labor Day weekend, at home!

1. Sleep in

It might not sound so exciting but catching up on sleep can do wonders for when you do go back to work. Here’s a way to make it fun: Tell all the members of your family to turn off their alarm clocks and set a time designated as the earliest to get out of bed.

2. Go for a family walk/bike ride

Dust off the bikes, roller blades, skateboards or sneakers! Anything with wheels can be fun for kids. Make it a family affair, include the dog and head to the park. It’s a fun family activity.

3. Have a family pool party

If you have a pool, plan an intimate splash in the sun. Without the pressure of feeding and watching over a ton of kids or friends, you might have a more relaxing time by the pool. Remember to have an adult always keeping an eye out on children in the water. Don’t want to get in the water? Lay by the pool while the little ones swim, read a book or have a drink. The idea is to relax.

4. Upgrade your cooking skills

I know, who wants to cook on a long weekend? Well, it can be fun! Enlist a friend, child or partner in making a culinary creation. Whether it’s baking, cooking or simply making fun snacks like trail-mix combined with popcorn and sprinkled with chocolate chips, make it an event.

5. Read a book

Long weekends are perfect for catching up on a good book, browsing a magazine or read an interesting article with your morning or evening coffee.

6. Have a game night

Board games or video games, you choose. Have a domino tournament or a never-ending “Monopoly” game. How about a jam session on “Rock Band?” It’s not just for kids. Game night can turn into a fun evening with friends. Add a little bit of finger food and drinks, and you have yourself a safe and fun night.

7. Exercise for fun

It sounds like a chore right? But instead of hitting the gym, try a relaxing workout like yoga or a fun one like Zumba. How about a game of basketball with the kids or other friends? Anything to take your mind off things, share some laughter and take care of your body makes for fun exercise.

8. Just do nothing

Just because it’s a holiday weekend doesn’t mean you have to do something. How about you do nothing? Things are gearing up for fall. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it. This could be the perfect time to hit the couch, clean the DVR and just do nothing.

Whatever you do, have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!