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Busy, Smart and Strong: The Ice Diet

In our neverending quest to lose pounds and inches, I just recently stumbled upon a new diet trend that is making the rounds on the Internet and in social media.

Maybe you’ve heard about it.

It’s called The Ice Diet, and essentially, the plan is this: Eat 1 liter of ice a day and you’ll burn about 160 calories — roughly the same number you’d burn by running a mile.

You’ve got to be kidding me; it’s that easy?

According to gastroenterologist Dr. Brian Weiner, yes. He’s a highly respected New York physician who claims there is an error in the calorie calculations of frozen foods in the way the body responds to them. He wrote about it the e-book “The Ice Diet,” available now. He said he’s not a fan of fad diets, but this one seems to have merit.

It sure sounds like the perfect plan for an Arizona summer…but hold on before you head to the freezer.

Valley physician Dr. Jack Wolfson doesn’t buy it. Wolfson is a natural cardiologist and head of Wolfson Integrative Cardiology in Paradise Valley who uses nutrition to treat and help prevent heart problems. Take a listen to his quick explanation of the science behind the ice diet and why it falls short: