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Here’s how to keep your windows clean and beautiful

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Who doesn’t love beautiful windows? There is something so wonderful about clean, clear windows that help to bring the outside in. Views to the outside are good for the soul inside!

How to keep them beautiful is the question! Here are some tips for your windows, top to bottom and inside to out!

Tracks- Keep the tracks clean by wiping them out when they are dusty. If there is extra gunk in the track use a vacuum with a narrow attachment first. Keeping the tracks clean will ensure the windows open and close easily. Take care that weep holes in the screen frame are clear as well. They need to be clean to do their job of

Shine that Glass

You can find dozens of window cleaning tips and videos online – how do you know which tips work? Josh Lawlor, of Clearco Window Cleaning, has a caution for everyone. NEVER, EVER rinse your windows with a hose. As we know the water in Arizona is very hard. Using a hose to clean windows pushes those hard water particles into glass (which is full of microscopic pores) and they bond with the glass. This will ruin the clarity of the glass and it can never be fully restored!
To clean your windows, gather all of your tools first:

• A bucket filled with clean water- You can use water from the tap or hose bib even if it is not treated. The trick is to wipe windows dry and not to let the water evaporate on its own.
• Cleaner: we have had luck using the JAWS product, vinegar and even just plain water
• Feather duster
• Squeegee- professional grade is worth the money!
• Microfiber cloth (find #natural cleaning products at (Grove Collaborative)
• Towels- to protect windowsills and paint from water drips

Begin by dusting windows using the duster. Wet the window with a sham using an ‘S’ type motion completely wetting a pane at a time. Squeegee across from top to bottom using the squeegee. A microfiber cloth will help with any drips and the hard to reach corners.

Remove Calcium Build Up

Any time hard water is left on a window it will leave a milky film. This often happens in the event a sprinkler hits the window over and over leaving a hard build up. Dust the windows and gather up 0000 steel wool and CLR tyoe product says Lawlor. Using eye protection dip the steel wool in the CLR and using a circular motion work your way across all of the milky parts of the glass. Wipe and clean as above. It may take a couple of times and some elbow grease to get the hard water removed. Check those pesky corners before you put your supplies away.

Screens Make the Finishing Touch

Do you ever hose your screens and find they look great when they are wet but, disappointingly dingy when they dry? Lawlor suggests brushing them off before wetting.
Next, use a soapy sponge and give them a once over. Finish with a thorough rinse and towel dry.
***If you are cleaning sunscreens, our friends at Arizona Sun Screens suggest using a product called @Screen Magic to make them look new.

Cleaning windows can def be a #DIY. However, if you are short on time or energy give Clearco a call (servicing the Phoenix metro area) – they can get it done in a fraction of the time and have you daydreaming out of the window in no time!

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Check for issues as you clean

While you’re cleaning the glass and the track check for problems like beads of moisture inside double-paned windows; cracks or gaps between the window casing and wall, whether inside or outside; and sunburned paint peeling off window frames. Can you still open and close your windows smoothly or are they stuck and impossible to move? Check out the links for ideas on #brokenlocks.

Learn more about Dual Pane Window Condensation and caulking sites of air infiltration, broken latches and broken glass.

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