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Busy, Smart and Strong: Prescription pill-popping students

It’s finals week at all the Arizona universities. For a college student, it’s a week of stress, intensive studying, a few all nighters, and being accosted by drug pushers in places they might never expect…like in full view in the library. And being offered things YOU might never expect….ADHD drugs like Adderall and Vyvanse.

When used correctly, and by prescription, these drugs have helped a lot of people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (it used to just be called ADD). They can allow those with the condition to focus on things that need concentration and not have their attention drawn easily away by the first shiny thing that goes by. The medication can help students do better in school, it can help adults concentrate on their business dealings and financial issues, it can help with driving and supervising. But doctors don’t hand out these drugs, which are actually schedule three drugs, to everyone. There’s an intensive exam, a long detailed questionnaire which will help the doctor determine if a patient actually has ADHD.

But students wanting to pad their pockets have found ways to get these ADHD drugs, which are basically time controlled Speed, and peddle them to other stressed out students cramming for final exams. The pills become performance enhancing drugs. Yes, they’re legal, but they can be dangerous. Leslie Bloom with Drug Free AZ explains why: