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Fun with sheets!

When you first buy new bed sheets they’re all packaged so nicely and neatly into a perfect little rectangle, and you know that they will never, ever, ever be that way again.

Partly because you don’t iron your sheets (who on earth does that?) and partly because I honestly believe they’re packaged by the same machine that puts plastic raincoats into those little gum wrappers.

But, they have to go in a drawer or a closet at your home and the blasted fitted sheet, with its elastic corners, will never fold flat. Most people just roll them up and stuff them in and that takes up a lot of room and I find it annoying.

Apparently, folding a fitted sheet is truly a nightmare of epic proportions for a lot of people because there are a lot of videos about how to do it properly. One came to my attention this week…I tried it and still had a vague mess on my hands, mainly because I was using a king sized sheet and the demonstrator was using a twin.

See if you can follow along:

Obviously, I need to practice a bit more. Then I came across another video that shows an entirely different way to do it. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon.