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A money ‘re-primer’ for women

When it comes to the family finances, are you the one in charge?

Many women are these days…what a difference from just a few decades ago when many women not only didn’t work outside the home, but didn’t know how much money their husband made. If the husband died, or a divorce happened, a lot of women didn’t know what to do first.

But things change, day to day, year to year and we can’t just sit back and let things roll.

All the way back in 1895, nine women, who at the time were not allowed to purchase life insurance for themselves, got together to remedy that. They founded their own life insurance company called Royal Neighbors of America. It’s still in business today and focused squarely on the female market with insurance and annuities. These nine women had vision and courage and were definitely trend setters and role models who paved a great path for women.

Today, Royal Neighbors is still run by a woman, President and CEO Cynthia Tidwell. I had a chance to talk with her recently about the differences in how women and men approach finances, and she thinks women could use a bit of a tune up!