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Stay classy, Redskins’ protesters

On Saturday’s “Mike & Winey Show,” I brought up the scenario in which I walk past protesters of the Redskins nickname with my 5- and 8- year-old boys. Though I disagree with the outcry to change the team’s name, how would I explain my position to my sons?

Just my luck, we did walk by the protesters. However, I never had to explain my position and my thoughts as to why I think the Redskins should keep their name. Instead, I had to explain why a bunch a grown men, one specifically, were yelling at the top of their lungs, cursing and flipping off those wearing Redskins shirts.

Granted, the three gentlemen in front of me were anything but gentlemen. The fact that these three were inciting the protesters by flaunting their shirts and yelling a bit themselves may have contributed to the situation.

However, as a protester, you need to understand the situation you are in. No matter your position, opinions or passions, you need to exercise a little more restraint and not act in such a way as to have parents frantically searching for earmuffs for their children.

You have diluted your message. You have moved from creating a dialogue and defining your position to acting like a bunch of crybabies throwing a temper tantrum. That is how my kids act when they don’t get their way and this is what I had to explain to my boys.

You had the opportunity to force me to have a dialogue with my kids about the issue. Instead, I had to hold them close and tell them they should never use those types of words. All this at a football game. Way to go, protesters.

Whatever you do, please don’t go about your business this week thinking you got your message out. You didn’t.

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