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I was right about staying in Iraq

I hate to say it, but this humble, or not-so-humble, KTAR weekend talk show host told you so. Pulling out of Iraq was a bad idea. I’ve said it many times on the Mike & Winey Show.

The fact that a group of well-organized terrorists are marching across the country sucking up towns, cities and villages with little resistance should be proof enough. Now this band of extreme insurgents, reportedly with the support of Iran, is within 100 miles of Baghdad, and there seems to be nothing to stop them.

I remember when Sen. John McCain, when running against the current president, floated the idea that we might have troops in the region for 100 years. He was crucified by the Democrats and a majority of the media. Now he is proven right.

That’s exactly what we do when we battle wars to liberate people who are under the rule of an iron fist. We stay behind and ensure there is no resurrection of the evil that our men and women sacrifice their lives to fight.

President Obama’s decision to pull our troops out of Iraq and leave the country with no stability was a mistake that we will pay for a long time. This is the type of reasoning that gave birth to Hitler and the Nazi regime.

When the Germans surrendered during WWI, there was no supervision left behind in the country. They were ignored. As Hitler rose to power, he spent years exterminating his people, indoctrinating his people and building a military force never seen before without anyone knowing it. We all know the devastation he eventually inflicted on the Jews, the Poles and innocent people across Europe.

It’s amazing that lessons from previous wars are lost on those who run this country and our military. These are serious events and serious times, and we deserve leadership that will treat them as such.

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