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Cheating is cheating

New York Yankees’ pitcher Michael Pineda has been given a harsh penalty in the form of a ten game suspension for using pine tar while on the mound.

Is the suspension a harsh enough penalty? I say no!

It’s widely understood in Major League Baseball that pitchers sometimes use pine tar in cold weather to get a better grip on the ball. No matter the reason or excuse, cheating is cheating and should be treated like any other cheating offense, such as steroid use.

The penalty for a first-time steroid use offense is 50 games. The reason for the severity is to eliminate all excuses, keep the players safe and keep the game fair. If you allow some players to have an unfair advantage, it diminishes the effort put forth by those players who play by the rules.

Pineda cheated and cheating is cheating, no matter how you slice it. They should throw the book at him and give him a 50-game suspension. Then all players, including batters who cork their bats, will get the message that cheating will not be tolerated.

If you can’t suck-up the cold, choose another profession. Perhaps a cozy desk job somewhere in the south where your hands are always warm.

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