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I’m not buying the Pistorius crybaby act

It seems that Oscar Pistorius, the “Blade Runner,” missed his true calling. Instead of running for Olympic medals, he should be getting Academy Awards. This was evidenced by his emotional performance while on the stand.

Mr. Pistorius is on trial for the killing of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. According to his testimony, we are to believe that a night intruder broke into his home and suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom. That is when he fired his gun into the bathroom door, killing Ms. Steenkamp.

The prosecution claims that the couple got into an argument and that Mr. Pistorius intentionally shot her. His defense team claims Mr. Pistorius thought he was shooting a nighttime intruder. If I were breaking into your home, I would probably relieve myself before I entered your property. This is preposterous.

However, Mr. Pistorius’ greatest defense is in his ability to cry on demand. He has been seen as extremely emotional during the entire trial. This is nothing but a show in an effort to get away with murder and I’m not buying the crybaby act.

Fortunately for him, it may work. There is no jury to convince, only one judge and that judge may be buying into the routine. After Mr. Pistorius’ performance, the judge ordered a quick adjournment, then canceled testimony for the rest of the day.

The judge should have let him sit on the stand all day. For the sake of Ms. Steenkamp’s family, we should have been able to see how sincere Mr. Pistorius is by how long he could keep up the charade.

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