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The NFL should get its own house in order before condemning Arizona

In the end, Gov. Jan Brewer came through and did the right thing. Whether or not SB 1062 would truly protect businesses, it was bad for the overall image of our state. It was simply bad for Arizona.

It’s a bit ironic that same piece of legislation that is designed to protect businesses would have, in essence, become a job crusher. Many companies would have, if not still, had second thoughts about relocating here.

Case in point: the NFL. Apparently, the NFL put Arizona on notice that it would consider moving the Super Bowl to Tampa, Fla., as a sign of protest to SB 1062. However, the irony gets deeper and thicker.

Isn’t the NFL swept up in the Washington Redskins controversy? As you know, many Native Americans are in an uproar and consider the name Redskins to be offensive and hurtful. Yet, the NFL has virtually done nothing to address the concern.

Many team representatives, though anonymously, have indicated that Michael Sam, who recently announced that he was gay, would be a distraction to their locker rooms. As a matter of fact, the NFL had to issue a league-wide memo instructing teams to not ask players about their sexuality at the NFL Combine.

Whatever happened to Riley Cooper, who was caught using the N-word on tape? Oh yeah, he’s still around.

Listen, I love football. I’m one of those guys who lives for Sundays in the fall. However, the NFL needs to stay out of politics, stop playing playground bully and concentrate on getting their own house in order before it decides to play policeman in the social-issues arena.

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