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End of the world? Why not live your last days in luxury?

Why not live your last days in luxury?

That’s my thought.

Actually I saw this article in the Huffington Post and thought it was a great idea. They thought if the various apocalyptic prophesies about 12/21/12 come true, why not live like the rich and famous for the end of your days? Heavy mortgage payments? Who cares!

They showed readers apocalypse worthy homes in the Washington, D.C. area. I thought I’d show you great homes to spend the end of the world in right here in the Valley.
We have a lot of money here in the Valley and a lot of that money lives in Paradise Valley, Silverleaf and Desert Mountain, to name a few. Why I’m not related to any of them is beyond me.

The most expensive home for sale I could find in the entire Valley is in North Scottsdale in Silverleaf. Silverleaf is a part of DC Ranch but residents in Silverleaf make it very clear they do NOT live in DC Ranch, they live in Silverleaf. Ahem. Okay.
It’s listed for, I don’t know what’s easier to read; $25,000,000 or $25 million or 25 million dollars?
You tell me.

So, wouldn’t you just love to see the pictures?
So would I, I can’t stand the suspense.
Drum roll please,
Get this
(cymbal crashes)
(lone tumbleweed rolls by)
There are only two pictures.
TWO pictures of a $25 million dollar house on the Arizona Multiple Listing Service! Can you believe that?
And not one of those photos are of the actual house.
With that price tag could someone spring for an artist’s rendering of the place at least? For now, we’ll have to just imagine what that one looks like. That Realtor is not getting my money.

On to Paradise Valley where we have a home for sale for $20 million. And we have pictures. Lots of them. Here you can see pictures and details.

If that doesn’t have you salivating for the final countdown, take a look at five others that will knock the earth’s socks off in Paradise Valley.

You want more? Back up to Silverleaf which residents say is not DC Ranch but it is.

So there you have it. Some gorgeous real estate to live in for the final count down and as the Huffington Post says, even better to see the world keep going on for a nice long time.

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