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Think Tank wonders if it’s Bernie Sanders vs. center in primary

The South Carolina primary is underway and a Super Tuesday-on-steroids will follow in 72 hours. And Bernie Sanders has emerged as the leading Democratic contender.

There seem to be two prevailing theories of the upcoming presidential election

1. Traditional left/right. Each party moderates its instinctive position and plays for the votes in the center. Whichever party captures more of the center wins the election.

2. There is no center. It’s all about enthusiasm. Draw large crowds, and motivate your base voters. Trump did this in 2016, and Sanders’ supporters think their guy can do this in 2020.

Bennet Kelley has been active in Democratic politics for over 40 years. He was national co-chair of the Democratic National Committee’s young professional fundraising and outreach arm during the Clinton era and is an award-winning political columnist.

Bennett and Mike will discuss which of these theories seems to fit and discuss the status of the Democratic nomination process.

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