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Running clean

By this time Wednesday, Arizona should know what Republican will run against Democrat Fred Duval for governor — and a decision couldn’t come soon enough.

We have heard from most of the Republican candidates how vile, corrupt and unprincipled all the others are. One more day of campaigning and I would have expected to see the Arizona primary featured on “America’s Most Wanted.”

But we all know that within 48 hours, healing waters will wash over them all and realizing their egregious errors in judgement, they will enthusiastically support the party’s candidate. The same exercise in valueless electioneering would, no doubt, have been equally true of Democrats seeking the ninth floor throne, but Duval escaped the flying smut by running unopposed.

If I may speak for most Arizonans to the remaining two: Please take the high road on your way to the general election. Please just acknowledge your disagreements without branding your opponent as a sociopath.

And on a personal note: Please just make me proud to be an Arizonan.

I’m Pat McMahon.