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When the tensions all over the Middle East are so dangerously unpredictable, when dictators still treacherously rule, I think it’s time to concentrate, for just a little while, on another place.

Join me, if you will, as I apply for citizenship in Never Never Land.

Tuesday I did a TV interview with a young actor currently playing Peter Pan at the Arizona Broadway Theatre. I commented that a local production had just been done, about a month ago, at the Herberger and that there are movies and now NBC is about to present a follow-up to its live, enormously successful “Sound of Music.”

Yep! “Peter Pan,” with Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.

But, why this story? Why those characters so vibrantly alive all this time since 1902? Do you think there’s something universally magical about a boy — even one played by a girl — who never wants to grow up?

I suppose to find the answer I’d have to go to Never Never Land. Want to join me? Second star to the right — then straight on till morning.

I’m Pat McMahon.