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Soccer wins

Hey, you know what? They did it.

Going into independence week, the Yanks came out of a World Cup loss a winner. Don’t ask me the details of how at the end of group competition they could lose to Germany 1-0 and still wind up in the soccer equivalent of the Sweet 16 — the knockout round. We weren’t supposed to be there, but next Tuesday afternoon the US soccer team plays Belgium.

Yes, I’m one of the newcomers to the game and quite honestly I think it’s an exciting sport.

I’ve even begun to start guiding the ball with my body after a corner kick and yelling at the so-called victim who just pulled off one of those phony flops. I’d give the guy on the ground a red card for bad acting. And you know who else is discovering this “true” world series?

Apparently, just about everybody as the COPA television ratings are through the roof.

So who knows? The next time one of your kids wants to play catch, it may be with the feet only.

I’m Pat McMahon