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Naming rights

Boy, did FIFA miss the boat.

That international soccer organization knows how to stage the World Cup, but they’ve completely failed to take advantage of the millions in revenue they might have had by selling naming rights to the teams themselves.

For example, can you imagine the pride that the Mexican team would have hearing the crowd cheering for “The Beaners”?

And they’re not the only ones.

The German national team is already successful, but they would really be energized if their uniforms said they were “The Krauts.” And we might have to go all the way back to WWII to find one of those historic names for the team from Japan.

Insensitive? You bet! Tasteless? Absolutely!

Just like the outrageous symbolism of the Washington Redskins.

The U.S. Patent Office is the latest bump in owner Dan Snyder’s Vanilla Brick Road by recommending the team’s trademark be cancelled. Even if you’re a fan, you know the NFL sees this as their Donald Sterling story and the name will go.

Then the Washington management could buy the Harlem Globetrotters and change their name to something…more colorful.

I’m Pat McMahon.