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It’s a flop

Like most American adults, I didn’t grow up with soccer.

But over the last few years, I’ve begun to appreciate the game and the extraordinary skills and stamina that are represented by the international level of players.

Watching the World Cup, I’m in awe of the sophisticated footwork and the daring headers. There’s only one thing that keeps me from being a dedicated fan: bad acting!

“Diving” or “flopping” seems to be an accepted integral part of virtually every match. And I’m not talking about an offensive charge that could go either way in basketball or questionable interference on an NFL pass play. I mean less contact than is experienced in an elevator followed by seizures and writhing in pain usually seen only in the third act of an Italian opera.

Then, of course, the devastatingly injured player immediately leaps to his feet to continue the match. How lame.

Pardon me, lame is the result of really being hurt not auditioning for a role in “As the World Turns.”

I’m Pat McMahon.