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Yeah! I know… Let’s all get out of this blasted heat and visit paradise.

Look out, San Diego. Here come the Zonies!

I just got back, so with fresh experiences, I can ask the question: “Is the San Diego area the perfect refuge for poor weary, embattled Phoenicians?”

No! Not if perfect is what you’re looking for.

For some, it seems that part of southern California is a mecca — the Emerald City. But just like Oz, San Diego has more than its share of winged monkeys.

Yes, the coastal temperatures were in the low-to-mid 70s, but inland San Diego county also suffers its triple digits all summer.

Beach life would be idyllic, except for the corrosive damage the salt air does to your car. Phoenix seems to perpetually suffer a nearly terminal case of inferiority, especially when comparing our leaders to those of our neighbors to the west.

Remember their mayor who was just forced out of office for sexually harassing female staff members? He was preceded by one who was dismissed for misusing campaign funds.

Last week, a married couple on the San Diego police force was accused of drug trafficking. And sex crimes are rampant. So is gang violence and drug use.

However, with all that reality, San Diego is still my second favorite city in the United States

Phoenix is first.

But if you’re looking for heaven, remember — you have to die first.

I’m Pat McMahon.