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Hey, Mom and Dad, have you or Granny or perhaps your babysitter ever told one of your children to wait in the car that is parked on the railroad tracks while you go back and get the glasses you forgot?

What about letting them stroll on the access road of the freeway?

Your answer, no doubt, would be that those questions are idiotic. Anybody who would put children in that kind of jeopardy should be considered criminal.


Now, are your kids enjoying this hot summer vacation in the pool? Good. Who’s watching them? Are the older ones taking care of their little brothers and sisters? Bad idea.

Children drown when there are 20 adults around a pool. How is that possible? Because nobody was watching. Tired of this repetitive message aren’t you? Too bad, because if everyone was paying attention we wouldn’t continue to lose kids every year.

So, next time you’re near the pool, look for bubbles. There could be someone on the other end.

I’m Pat McMahon