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I think we’re all very lucky to be living in a period in which leisure time is so readily available, because technology has created so many products that are done before we get them.

I mean there was a time when our families baked bread and canned vegetables. It’s a little thing, but I’m glad I can just go to the supermarket and pick out my loaf of white or rye and expect it to be sliced. I don’t give a second thought to taking cans of corn off a shelf or peas out of the freezer rather than going down to the cellar for them.

But can’t this removal of effort sometimes go too far? This is Easter weekend and I just saw a display of pre-colored eggs for sale at a market. These were real eggs in the dairy case that had already been dipped in dye.

Doesn’t that sort of destroy the point of coloring eggs for Easter?

I’ve never understood pre-made iced tea, either. Water, a tea bag and heat … that’s all you need. Next, someone will come up with a car that drive itself.

What? Oh, sorry!

I’m Pat McMahon.