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Late knight

It’s not even 2015, the year David Letterman will officially retire at CBS, and the network has alrady named his replacement — Stephen Colbert.

In case you haven’t been watching Comedy Central for the last several years, Colbert plays an arch-uber conservative, totally incapable of seeing any value in any opinions, other than his own — so vain, so full of himself. After introducing his guest, he takes a bow and accepts the applause.

No wonder Rush Limbaugh is so angry at CBS’ choice.

Limbaugh has had a monopoly on those qualities for years. Naturally, the Stephen Colbert that takes over the show will have to truly be Colbert and not the satirical right-wing character he plays now. And while I think he’s very funny in that role, his new one is going to be quite a challenge.

I wish him the best. My other wish would be that the new host could have been the one person who spots the fools around every corner, Jon Stewart.

I’m Pat McMahon.