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Graduation day

Shocker! Most of us assume that teenagers these days know everything about sex.

Well, on Tuesday, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a report saying that more than 80 percent of youths aged 15 to 17 have had no formal sexual education before having their first sexual encounter.

Disturbing! Especially if we consider the potential problems that a lack of information can create. I’m a dedicated believer in sexual education. In fact, I’ve scheduled my first class for a week from Thursday.

Perhaps, I should explain.

I exclusively attended Catholic schools growing up, where sex education consisted of a short lecture called, “If you touch it, you will die!” For its time, it was rather effective.

Most of us in our all-boys high school knew absolutely nothing about anatomy, with the exception of those whose families had a subscription to National Geographic.

Were we better human beings in our ignorance? No! We were stupid and some of us were pregnant and diseased. Knowing is always better than not knowing, especially when it come to your pants.

I’m Pat McMahon.