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Sign of the time

Will somebody tell me where the Secret Service was when a fake signer was interpreting the speeches at the Nelson Mandela memorial service, standing three feet away from President Obama?

This was a schizophrenic with a long history of mental illness, some dealing with a proclivity for violence. And, he was interpreting the words of a number of world leaders, standing next to their podium signing gibberish. That’s because he doesn’t know any sign language. He could have gestured that he was wrapped in explosives and no one would have understood a word. The South African government admits it may have been a mistake to hire him from a company that has since disappeared. You think?

But where was the Secret Service that scans and sweeps every building and office before the visit of a presidential candidate. Is this another hooker gate South African-style by the people who are sworn to take a bullet for the commander in chief? If so, they deserve sign language I shouldn’t use right now.

I’m Pat McMahon.