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Idiots Part II

Picking up where I left off yesterday, there are idiots among us.

Some of them responded to deny their idiocy, only proving me accurate. Some held strongly to the belief that Nelson Mandela, a patriot for his people and all people, was in fact involved in the South African Communist Party. If so, who cares?

Let’s do a 30-second seminar called, “The Idiot’s Guide to Economics”: Communism and socialism, in the strictest definitions, are merely economic systems. With a communist system, theoretically, property is owned collectively for the common good. Examples would be many seminaries and convents, communes and early American settlements.

Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao controlled the people through violence and revolution. History proves communism doesn’t work however it’s applied, but it shouldn’t always be confused with totalitarianism and dictatorships.

Socialism, meanwhile, is communism-light and is successfully implemented by countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden, often considered three of the happiest countries in the world.

Apparently, they’re happy because they don’t fear bogeymen. Only idiots do.

I’m Pat McMahon.