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You know, I’d call you an idiot if I didn’t consider that offensive to all genuine idiots. I mean, after all, idiocy is a term used — in years past — for a level of retardation. But you don’t have that as an excuse, you idiot.

I’m talking to you sitting there, as you do daily for hours, caressing your only trusted companion, your computer, sharing with the world what you don’t like about everything. Most of the time I just ignore you, primarily for two reasons: you’re predictable and boring — two qualities that give you instant membership in the “society for the intellectually impotent.”

Since you’ve been doing this since the Internet first mistakenly asked for your opinion, why am I on this rant now? Because, last week you reached a new low on the day that Nelson Mandela, the role model for humanity, died. Your comments came in criticizing the tributes to him because you considered him to be a communist, or, at the very least, a socialist which allows me to consider you an idiot. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you why.

I’m Pat McMahon.