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Give goats

You certainly don’t need another gift expert to hustle merchandise on its merry way to “Holiday Profitville,” but just in case you haven’t absolutely decided whether it’s going to be a big screen or a small gemstone this year, please do let me make a suggestion.

For that person so difficult to buy for, because he appears to have everything, this Christmas, get him a goat.

Or a water buffalo or a flock of ducks.

Rabbits are nice at $60 and before you know it, there are rabbits everywhere.

All of these gifts are sent to the neediest people living in Third World countries with Fourth World economies. They’re distributed by an organization I believe in with all my heart — and a portion of my income: Heifer International.

It was founded in 1953 and is a model of philanthropic giving around the world. Farm animals are not the only contribution you can make. Heifer International also provides careers and education with your help.

Sorry, Neiman Marcus, but the most beautiful holiday catalog in the world can be found only at

What color goat would you like?

I’m Pat McMahon.