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Compounding the sin

You’re a young mother who has lived quietly with abuse at the hands of an uncontrollable, angry husband.

You’ve decided you can’t remain silent any longer because he now is beginning to harm your child. It’s time to call the authorities, the state offices that were created to protect our most vulnerable citizens: Arizona kids.

So you call Child Protective Services and someone take the information on the latest incident of terror in your home. You’ve summoned the courage to make this call because you’re more concerned about your child’s well being than your own. You’ve finally done it.

At last, an agency of the state of Arizona knows about what’s been happening behind closed doors, so you wait for a visit from someone who will begin the investigation.

But no one comes or calls or makes any contact at all.

You are among the 6,500 cases like yours that were simply ignored. Tuesday night, a public forum was held to find out why you have had to suffer “ASG” — Abuse by State Government. Solutions were offered and then turned over to state government.

I’d laugh if I weren’t crying.

I’m Pat McMahon.