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These days it seem that the solution to all the planet’s problems is civility, mutual respect and tolerance.

People seem to want squabbling groups to put aside their differences — liberals versus conservatives, Catholics and Protestants, East versus West. Those have been monumental challenges, but allow me to offer a first step, a beginning if you will, on the path to world peace.

Now that the Territorial Cup has been decided, how about is every University of Arizona fan supports Arizona State University in Saturday’s Pac-12 Championship Game against Stanford and then to the Rose Bowl?

Too much to ask? You think I’m naive?

Since the Sun Devils beat the U of A as convincingly as they did, doesn’t it help the image of the Wildcat football if they look just that strong against all postseason opponents?

This is not just one-sided. With the kind of powerhouse basketball team the U of A has this year, a shot at the Final Four would not be a surprise and I would expect all real sports fans, including ASU, to say, “Bear down, Arizona.”

I’m Pat McMahon.