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Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s suspend the NCAA — for life.

College football fans know, by now, that Heisman Trophy winner, now sophomore Johnny Manziel, of Texas A&M, has been investigated for some time, accused of making as much as $7,500 for autographing as many as 4,000 items for sale to collectors.

And with the Aggies season about to open next week, “Johnny Football,” already one of the biggest attractions in the game, a profit magnet for Texas A&M, has been suspended by the National Collegiate Athletic Association for the first half — of the season?…no, for the first half of the first game.

The NCAA issued a statement saying that the investigation found no proof that the young quarterback received any payment for his signature. If not, what the hell was the protracted investigation about? And if not, did he sign 4,000 items in order to improve his penmanship?

I’m glad he’s going to play because I like football. I just don’t like the NCAA.

I’m Pat McMahon