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Child abuse

Miley Cyrus is guilty of child abuse.

Her wild-child performance on the MTV awards show Sunday night was a clear case of abusing the sensitivities of a mostly adolescent audience and abusing the concept of artistic restraint.

And this is coming from me, Pat McMahon, a consistent opponent of most forms of censorship.

I don’t want citizens committees or church representatives deciding what I choose to watch or listen to. But the key phrase there is “I choose.” I’m an adult and capable of making choices, right ones or wrong ones.

If you choose to be nude in your home, I can also make the decision not to visit your house. If you choose to be sexually active with a wildebeest, I only ask that you give the wildebeest the choice not to participate.

But former Disney star, Miley Cyrus, tongue-synched her way through a performance featuring a foam finger that only established that she is not No. 1 at anything!

But Miley Cyrus isn’t evil…only pathetic. The real villains are the executive pimps, at MTV, who knowingly turn all those video tricks for their underage customers.

I’m Pat McMahon.