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Open letter to regular contributors of all blogs, columns and other information posted on a computer: Use spell check!

Now, I know that long ago when you were in a classroom, that mean, unfair teacher who never liked you would actually grade all of your written assignments, and perhaps being judged by someone with an education was traumatic for you.

Perhaps that’s why you hide your thoughts, grammar and spelling behind a coded identity of some kind — so that the dreaded teacher can’t report you to the principal.

But listen.

Everybody can get an “A” now because your electronic devices will correct everything for you before you send them out. That way you have no fear of abduction by the literacy police. Now understand, I’m only addressing this to those whose responses to all written material appear to be an effort at creating cryptographic messages the enemy cannot decode.

Oh, one more suggestion: That enemy isn’t always a liberal or a conservative or a minority. It may be the person really upset right now because he flunked Clear Thinking 101.

I’m Pat McMahon.