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This is about the time, as schools are welcoming kids back, that families are not only trying to figure out how to afford a college education but the best way to guide their student into a field of study that will result in success and security.

Well according to Forbes, television isn’t a bad career — that is for some.

If you can convince your son to major in smug, speak with a British accent and invest in a wardrobe consisting exclusively of t-shirts, he could be the next Simon Cowell — who came in at No. 1 on the top 10 list of T.V. personalities with an estimated income last year of $95 million.

But someone will have to tell Simon he’s not alone at the top. Howard Stern also made $95 million. You know, that smug thing seems to be paying off. If, in fact, Glenn Beck is the new messiah, he’s doing well at it with $90 million.

The only surprise was Oprah, who came in fourth with $77 million. Oprah’s baby, Dr. Phil did well with $72 million, followed by Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump and finally someone not on social security, Ryan Seacrest. The next popular choice for success, Ellen DeGeneres, and finally at No. 10 — my biggest surprise with a $47 million income — Judge Judy.

Where was I? I never discuss money.

I’m Pat McMahon.