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Starting over

The Cynics Chorale may begin their annual concert at this time with their well-known selection, “The Pessimism Polka.”

On the other hand, I liked much of what I saw Friday night as the Arizona Cardinals shut out the Green Bay Packers 17-0. And yes, I’m aware that it was the first preseason game of the year and most of the starters on both sides left the field before their uniforms needed to be laundered.

But a lot of things looked better than last year. Now that I think of it, there have been outbreaks of plague that looked better than last year.

But, did you notice — both of our new quarterbacks survived? Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton actually were able to complete passes without first inquiring if there was a bed open at the Mayo Clinic. And two of the passes were for touchdowns. Those are the plays where points are awarded.

I just wanted to remind you. We’ve got guys who can pass and guys who can run, block and catch. This weekend we’ll see if they can do that against the Dallas Cowboys. But even if they can’t — as some of you said — it’s just preseason.

I’m Pat McMahon.