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Bad manners

The wheels under Air Force One had barely been retracted as President Obama left the Valley Tuesday, when Governor Jan Brewer issued the official response to his visit.

She denounced Obama for promoting “big government” to his audience of primarily students at Desert Vista High School, and adding that she was disappointed with the president.

And I’m disappointed in you, Governor Brewer. Many Arizonans were relieved you didn’t use another finger when welcoming him. But was it really necessary to issue such a harsh, self-serving critique virtually before he could turn off his electrical devices and make sure his seat belt was secure?

And it’s only your timing I’m questioning.

For the life of me, I still have no idea why he made the trip. But he did come here and he is the President of the United States and, to me, you appeared to be either spiteful or desperate for more national exposure.

If you were attempting to untrack his re-election — governor he’s not running again and you’re making me grateful that neither are you.

I’m Pat McMahon.