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Frozen assets

If hockey fans are breathing a huge sigh of relief, they can probably see their breath because Glendale is about to freeze the floor of Arena and that’s an Arizona flag flying over the Zamboni.

The deal has been finalized with both the NHL and the City of Glendale and after what seems like forever, the Phoenix Coyotes, soon to be renamed the Arizona Coyotes, have a home and it’s right here in the desert.

Renaissance Sports and Entertainment, IceArizona, George Gosbee and Anthony LeBlanc are the names you’ll be hearing when it comes to team ownership and operation of the arena.

Dave Tippett, the Coyotes’ popular head coach, remains as does general manager Don Maloney, and just about everybody feels that’s a great front office team… but what about the team that skates?

Well, there are a lot of veterans returning, but the new ownership has already gone on record saying it is prepared to attract talent with a new salary standard.

Now the owners have to really promote the team and I’m suggesting first a shootout with a net manned by a representative of the Goldwater Institute.

I’m Pat McMahon.