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The Eagle has landed

If some drunk came over to my house and called my wife a hooker, I would be more than upset.

Would I lose it and go into a rage? No — because he’s a drunk and my wife’s not a hooker. But when I heard about the Philadelphia Eagles receiver Riley Cooper’s meltdown, I just shook my head in wonder.

What the hell was he thinking when he challenged a black security guard at a concert last month using what has politely come to be known as the “n-word?”

Why does anyone include an archaic term like that in his vocabulary anyway? It’s as if your family’s intellect stopped developing right around the Civil War.

I thought it was a stupid thing for Sen. Jeff Flake’s teenage son to do, but it’s really idiotic for an adult to be using racial slurs when most of the people at work are that minority you’re offending. It’s like attending a Def Jam concert wearing a sheet.

And I don’t think Cooper has to be as concerned about his teammates, as he does his opponents’ reaction. In the Eagles locker room he may just get silence. On the field, sadly, he may just get hurt.

I’m Pat McMahon.