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Beans and bombs

So right now, at this moment, if I say the word Boston to you what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Last week, it probably would have been the Boston Celtics or the Boston Red Sox, or if you’re more of a history buff maybe Paul Revere and Bunker Hill.

But as of Monday, that’s all different for awhile. Now, the focus is on the Boston Bomber. No matter what your cause is, no matter what you think the purpose of your life is, most of us would agree it’s not the death of an 8-year-old child, nor the wounding of more than 140 spectators — people who had gathered not to bring down a leader or further a political or religious belief.

The Boston Marathon was taking place during American Spring not an Arab Spring. And yes, a corrupt, cowardly sub-human left his killing machines and crawled away past all of those innocent strangers.

I hope Boston truly is a place where everybody knows your name, that way we can identify him and crush him right in the middle of the Freedom Trail.

I’m Pat McMahon.