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Another of Arizona’s greats has departed

OK, God.

Listen, no disrespect. I know you know what you’re doing, but can you give us a little break from taking some of our favorites to live with you?

I mean last week, we said goodbye to Eddie Basha and Sunday I spoke at a memorial gathering for another good friend of the Valley, Keven Mosley.

Now, I know that name will not be as familiar as Eddie’s. Kevin wasn’t a hometown grocer, but he was a hometown crusader.

When his hometown was Chicago, he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for reporting. I always suspected he had somehow unearthed an Illinois governor who was not in prison.

After he moved to Phoenix, we all benefitted from his sense of fairness as he represented the litte guy while consulting Arizona utilities.

But he also quietly, subtly, touched the lives of those around him because his wife, Cassandra, was a woman of color, not even noticable now, but a reminder that, not long ago, in some states, they would have been breaking the law.

All right, God. He’s yours now, but don’t expect Kevin Mosley to be satisfied with the way you’re running things.

I’m Pat McMahon.