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Are you hiring? Look no further than SARRC

Everybody always seems to be intrigued by anything that’s first in a person’s life: A baby’s first step, a first date, a first car.

I’ll bet just mentioning those events brought back some memories, didn’t it? Well, I’m fortunate to be acquainted with some very special people whose first job was not just another plateau in life.

For these folks, their first jobs were monumental accomplishments primarily because, until recently, there just weren’t that many career opportunities for young adults with autism.

That wasn’t because they didn’t have skills to offer the marketplace. It was just that employers didn’t know about those skills. Then they began interviewing and hiring and appreciating the very real contributions that were being made: Everyday workplace contributions to businesses like CVS pharmacies, Walmart, Petsmart, Outback Steakhouses, Harkins Theaters, Sprouts.

These are successful firms who don’t make sympathy hires. They employ people who will serve their customers well and SARRC got them together.

SARRC, the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center has two questions: One, will you be listening to Action for Autism all day Wednesday, April 3 on KTAR and two, have any job openings?

SARRC may have just the person you’re looking for.

I’m Pat McMahon.