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Let’s give lottery winners the biggest prize of all: privacy

With all the concerns voiced lately about speed cameras on the highways and drones and gun registration — all the things in the news that, to some, are invasions of our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed right to privacy — why is the Arizona Lottery office still publicizing the names of winners?

Why do we have to know that Colorado visitor Craig Krause won $1 million in the latest Powerball drawing?

In an even more unnecessary revelation, why did we find out that New Jersey resident, 45-year-old Dominican immigrant Pedro Quezada, had the only winning Powerball grand prize ticket and is now worth $338 million? Since it wasn’t me, I was glad it was him, a guy who comes to the U.S. from the second-poorest country in the Americas after Haiti.

But my knowing his name and having seen his face was only a fleeting moment of satisfaction for me that, in no way, makes up for what he must face now: Every freeloader on the planet will attempt to help him donate, invest or otherwise relieve him of his money.

Please, lottery people, allow the winners the peace, comfort and anonymity they have a right to.

I’m Pat McMahon.