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Animals get adopted, but what about children in need?

Explain something to me, please: Where does cruelty come from?

It’s often said by professionals in the field that if your child is cruel to animals you’d better look out in later years how that child behaves around people. Over the weekend, at the Arizona Humane Society luncheon, I met Niah, a bulldog that was nearly starved to death from neglect until she was rescued and adopted.

Nobody was there to rescue a little 4-year-old tucson boy who died Saturday, just about the same time I was being introduced to Niah. The child’s mother has been arrested on first-degree murder charges along with, now this may sound familiar, along with her live-in-boyfriend!

Now, the next day, Sunday evening, a Phoenix mother was arrested and held without bond for sexually abusing her 2-year-old son. I won’t go into details.

So this is what some adults do to their children. How do some children treat their parents?

Nine-year-old Celia Renteria, got out of her father’s car that had rolled 200 feet into a California canyon Sunday morning. She climbed and walked two miles in the dark to find someone who would help her father. He didn’t survive.

I’m glad she did, to remind us about the good people we live with.

I’m Pat McMahon.