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‘Big Red’ is now embarrassing blemish for Steubenville, Ohio

Ever been drunk?

Ever pass out because you had too much to drink? Ever been raped?

A few days ago, two Steubenville, Ohio high school football players were found guilty of raping an unconcious, helpless 16-year-old at a party. And this town in the Rust Belt region of Ohio was outraged, many not because of the dreadful nature of the crime, but because the accusations were made against two star members of the “Big red,” — their beloved football team — a squad that had brought glory to this otherwise nearly forgotten piece of a drab part of the Ohio landscape.

Social media was an important part of the case. There were witnesses who provided graphic evidence. But there were also nude pictures of the 16-year-old victim accompanied by commentary by the predators bragging about their conquest.

Ever since the crime was made public there have been threats against the victim’s family, indifference in the investigation by some law enforcement, too many examples of shoddy journalism.

Both of the accused are in juvenile detention and Steubenville is still the home of the “Big Red,” only now hopefully it bears that name because of shame.

I’m Pat McMahon.