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What do we tell the families of those killed in the Iraq War?

I was in two branches of the armed forces, the army and the Air Force, and I never had to fire a shot at another human being.

No one tried to kill me either, I’m grateful for both. But today, as we have more and more analysts looking back 10 years on the beginning of the Iraq War, there seems to be more questions than answers about why we were there.

I think it’s painful to come out of any conflict that was responsible for nearly 4,500 American deaths, 1 million dead Iraqis, untold thousands of wounded and, of course, those continuing suicides with…doubt.

In 1941, there was an official Congressional Declaration of War against Germany and Japan. In 1945, they surrendered unconditionally. Ten years ago there was Shock and Awe and now, a decade later, all too many families are still attempting to answer the question: “And what did your child’s death mean to freedom in America?”

Do you know what to tell them? I don’t.

I’m Pat McMahon.