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Votes will determine new ASU Sparky? Oh boy

Sometimes democracy just gets silly and this time I’m not talking about the make-up of our state legislature.

After all, they are the ones who carry pure democracy to its limits when they turn over some of the tougher issues to the voting masses with a referendum. Oh, but now that decision is being made by some of the front-office people at Arizona State.

They have heard the voice of the people, they have seen the flaming torches of the angry villagers and they are dumping the new Sparky.

Yes, some disgruntled ASU fans and alumni expressed displeasure at the changes recently introduced for the Sun Devil mascot. So voting will actually take place from April 22 to May 5 on what changes the public will accept.

Hey, everybody! It’s a mascot. You know, like a cartoon character. You didn’t like the new black uniforms, now you don’t like the new Sparky.

Betsy Ross didn’t offer a choice of crescents and lightning bolts. She stuck with stars and stripes and that worked out pretty well.

And if the voters have the final say, Sparky may look like Joe Arpaio with a fork.

I’m Pat McMahon.